Alyssa Kela – Winter 2016 Pre Reflection (Gainesville)

Hi, my name is Alyssa Kela, and I am a junior here at Austin Peay State University. This January I am preparing to take this alternative winter break trip to Gainesville, Florida to work with my team to help with anything the monkey sanctuary needs. I am beyond excited!

To tell a litttle about myself, I was born in North Carolina and grew up in Germany with my military family. I have one older sister who is an Austin Peay alumni. I currently am studying pre-veterinary medicine with a major in agriculture and a minor in chemistry. On our family farm we have horses, chickens, guineas, cats, dogs, and pigs. After my graduation I plan to attend graduate school at  university close to home.

My major will have a substantial impact on my community as I will be able to perform surgeries, vaccinations, and other aid to the community’s pets. Pets have a tremendous impact on people’s lives. The saying “pets are family” is an understatement, as they are so much more. I sincerely look forward to my future and my career.

Currently I am actively involved in my community in order to improve the lives of others. I enjoy volunteering for activities that involve animals, as that is my passion, but I love volunteering at any opportunity I am given. This trip will allow me to help my community while working with passionate people who are helping monkeys and other animals in need of love and a habitat.

Very soon my team and I will be taking the trip down the sanctuary, and I am very eager to see how the week will unravel. I am so excited to meet new people with similar passions, work to help my community, and gain this new and unforgettable experience.



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