LaKendra Marshall – Winter 2016 Pre Reflection (New Orleans)

Hi Everyone, my name is Lakendra but everyone calls me Kendra. Fall 2015 was my first semester attending APSU. I am currently a junior and my academic major is Business Marketing. I have a passion for promoting new ideas and learning how to make a small idea into a  well-known trend. At first I thought marketing was not for me. Fortunately, I was able to help out a family friend with their small business. I enjoyed helping them promote their business and I soon developed the love for selling and promoting.  Marketing can be used in a community to develop new projects and also bring awareness of the community activities and the programs that are already available that will benefit the lives of individuals. I hope to have a successful career in Public Relations. Some of the skills others will say i have are: teamwork, communication ,and leadership skills. In a field like Public Relations, i feel it is important to have the skills listed above and many more. This will be my first trip and i am glad it is for a good cause. I am a HUGE motivator. I love motivating others to pursue goals. I am excited to meet new people here at APSU and in New Orleans but I am even more excited to make a positive and lasting impact in New Orleans. Can’t wait to meet everyone!


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