Caitlin Rich – Winter 2016 Pre Reflection (New Orleans)

I am a Special Education K-12 major and I honestly before had never seen myself becoming a teacher. After a very disheartening visit with my previous advisor I couldn’t imagine myself being anything other than a Nurse. I had a best friend growing up that was Special Needs and she was my driving force. She had such an influence on me and remembering her and her raw beauty and happiness lead me to wanting to become a SPED teacher. By becoming a teacher I can help build, guide, and encourage child to fulfilling their potential. I don’t think people understand the impact teachers have on the growth of children and how proper education impact their future. So, with becoming a teacher I can provide my students with everything they need to do well. Growing up here in Clarksville I know how important a good education is and I will provide that. I have hope, potential, and passion which all can help improve lives. I have hope in a brighter future and hope in knowing that I can one day show someone who may not have been as fortunate as myself all the things I have seen and more. I have potential to do anything I put my mind to, because I’m a fighter and I refuse to give up. I use all the resources and chances I have to give back to my community, because for me no greater feeling comes than knowing I’m making a difference. Lastly, I have a passion for so many things, but most importantly giving back. I’ve been blessed abundantly with a supportive family, love from my sisterhood, and much more. I want to touch as many lives as possible. My name is Caitlin Rich I am a freshmen at Austin Peay, I am apart of Alpha Sigma Alpha, and this is my first trip and I am beyond excited!


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