Lane Parmely – Fall 2015 Post Reflection (Valmeyer)

I’ve long felt an interest in altruism. However, my two years at APSU and my involvement with The Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement have helped shape my broader perspective on the importance of community service in general. My time as a President’s Emerging Leader and a brother of Kappa Alpha Order has shown me that there is a pressing need for a generation of young adults who are eager to grab impactful, humanitarian projects and see them to completion. It’s been wonderful seeing the myriad of avenues through which this commitment to helping others can manifest. I had a longstanding belief that higher education in a field that interested me — chemistry, for example — would lead to a career in a lab or research institute. This trip to Valmeyer served as a testament to what’s really possible with a PhD in the natural sciences. Moreover, it’s inspiring to see that there are in fact very educated people out there dedicated to making a difference in this world, regardless of the monetary benefit. As a result, I am more excited about the possibility of a life that entails a professional career coupled with service to others.

-Lane Parmely


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