Osa Emokpae – Fall 2015 Post Reflection (Valmeyer)

20151012_170351 The trip to Illinois is definitely something I won’t forget anytime soon. All my trip mates were amazing people, and I did have a lot of fun.

As a future medical student, volunteering is something I take to heart, although most of the work we did was on plants; We were able to help other volunteers achieve more work. I also worked with people and that thought me how to be a team player. I am not a big fan of neither maths nor physics, but learning both did come into play descending those steep bluffs. I suddenly found myself calculating angles, and looking for angles that would keep my center of gravity in equilibrium.

For the psychological aspect of the trip, the calm environment gives you this sense of calmness and serenity. Looking over the bluffs and seeing the farmland below makes you long for such a life. I would definitely like to live in a place like that someday.

In general, the trip was a success and I won’t think twice about going to Valmeyer if the opportunity arises. I would not also forget that planting native plant species is better, they might not be pretty as some exotic plants. But they are what nature selected for our environment, so we should protect them and not plant exotic plants, that slowly invade local plant species and kick them out of their habitat.


Osa Rami Emokpae 


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