Sierra Winey – Fall 2015 Post Reflection (Summerville)

I feel I have acquired a wide variety of skills and knowledge while in nursing school and working at APSU but some of the main things I was able to use on this trip was a good risk assessment and therapeutic communication. As trail maintenance volunteers, we were working with tools like a pickaxe, rake, maddox and loppers on the trails up on the side of a mountain. I realized if we were not careful and did not communicate with each other, someone could injure themselves or another team member. It was about a mile hike back to the van and then even more miles to drive to proper medical care so I tried to make sure everyone was aware of the hazards or the work and watch to make sure people were being safe. Also I tried to therapeutically communicate with my team members in a way that would not make them defensive or upset and tried to be positive and encouraging as much as possible. Looking back I learned there is a lot of planning that goes into something even as simple as a 6 person volunteer trip and it helped me realize even more that I need to work only organizational skills. I also learned I need to be more mindful of how I am communicating with others when people are frustrated.  Overall it was a wonderful experience and I hope everyone had as great of a time as I did!



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