Sierra Winey – Fall 2015 Pre Reflection (Summerville)

Hey Y’all!

My name is Sierra and I am the trip leader for this trail-bulding and maintenance volunteer trip to James H. Floyd State Park in Georgia. I am a Nursing major and I will graduate in December (Woo!). I am interested in the nursing field because I love helping and working with people, I also like to do hands on work and would not enjoy sitting at a desk all day so here I am as a nursing student! I think my major can help others in the community in countless ways: from health screenings and disease education and prevention to just simply using our voice to bring attention to areas and people that need help.  Currently I have a fair amount of knowledge from school about how people can stay healthy and how to care for them when they need it. I feel that I have good people skills and can make people feel comfortable when we interact so that is also helpful in working to improve people’s lives. I am looking forward to our trip tomorrow! Just being out in nature and being active/ doing physical work will really be a nice break from sitting down studying all day!


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