Olivia Burns – Fall 2015 Pre Reflection (Summerville)

Hello my name is Olivia! I am a nursing major here at APSU and I’m graduating this December!!! And yes, I do have a countdown until then 🙂 I’ve wanted to be a nurse since I was in middle schoo and it is honestly the only career choice that I can see myself doing. I’ve always been a compassionate, caring, people person and I want to work in a high-paced environment. I work better under stress and I don’t know how to sit down, so I believe I can accommodate that with a nursing career. I think that my academic major can be used in multiple ways to help others in my community through my general knowledge basis to help educate others on how to better their overall health as well as the different community outreach opportunities that I hope to be offered as a nurse. I recently volunteered in Guatemala and got to see what healthcare was like in a third world country- I would love to go as a nurse on a volunteer trip to a country that could use some help in the healthcare field. I just want to make a difference somewhere and keep learning along the way. I believe that I have the skill of compassion that can be used to improve life for others. I consider compassion to be a skill, because not everyone has it and it isn’t something that you can just learn how to do. I hope that by going on this trip to Georgia I can make a difference in not just people, but in the park and with myself. I thoroughly enjoy giving back to the community and I don’t see a better way to spend my fall break than doing this.


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