Osa Emokpae – Fall 2015 Pre Reflection (Valmeyer)

Hello my name is Osa. I major in Biology and I do hope to be a doctor someday and serve in the army. I haven’t being camping in this part of the world, but I did do a little rural living when I was in Nigeria; it was for just three days, but it was awesome.

I am excited to go to Valmeyer and most excited to go to St. Louis. I do strongly believe in nature conservation, I have had the opportunity to live in three different countries. And the thing they all had in common is mineral depletion. People talk about carbon emission and global warming, but deforestation doesn’t get that much attention anymore. So I am excited that we are going to be camping out in woods(excited!!!!) and we are also going to help in the conservation process of trees around. I just can’t wait to see the Mississippi. And I am from New York. Any question feel free to ask me…. Arrivedeci


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