Jessica Rongholt – Fall 2015 Pre Reflection (Valmeyer)

Hey yall,

I’m Jessica Rongholt. I’m an undergrad biology major with a chemistry minor, and this is my eleventh semester at APSU. I’ll be graduating in December. This is my third and last time going on an Alternative Break volunteer trip through APSU, and I really hope that it turns out to be a good thing for me. I’m honestly a little reluctant to go on this trip, because my semester has been so busy and stressful. I’ve been running ragged for the last month or so, and I really just want to rest. I’m not sure what kind of mind I was in when I paid the trip fee! But now I’m locked in. I have to go.

But, I’m willing to bet that this trip will end up being exactly what I need. I’m sure I’ll make a lot of new friends, just like I did during the last two trips. I’m sure this will be something that I remember for a long time. And for that, I’m bringing my waterproof camera! As I understand it, we’ll be camping there. Yeeeesss.

I hope my phone gets reception there. Otherwise, I’m bringing my physics book.

We meet up on campus at 5 AM tomorrow and depart from there.


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