Teresa Nguyen – Fall 2015 Pre Reflection (Chattanooga)

Hello, my name is Teresa Nguyen! I am a junior. My major is business with a concentration in management. When I was growing up I watched my family work hard and manage a successful business. This inspired me to be an entrepreneur. I hope to either take over my family’s business or start my own. Businesses are not only about making profit, in many of my classes I learned about how businesses impacts a community and how some businesses do community service which betters their company or organization. Explaining all of that would turn this blog into an essay. My goal is to hopefully build a company that would be able to give back to the community in some way. I love volunteering and community service. I want to make an impact on my community, but I also want to spread to other communities. I have never been camping so this is a great learning experience for me. I am very excited to go on this trip!!!


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