Colin Crist – Fall 2015 Pre Reflection (Valmeyer)

Hello all. I am Colin and am an undergrad physics major with a minor in chemistry. During my senior year of high school, I took calculus and physics, which made me fall in love with physics. The way math can be used to describe how the world works is beautiful in a way only math can describe. The skills gained in mathematics and physics have a potential to impact the world in limitless ways; new scientific breakthroughs occur every day that push humanity down the path of human progress. Currently, my skills in physics and math are rudimentary, and prohibit me from utilizing them to their full potential. However, a few years can add a sizable amount of knowledge to a person’s brain, and could possibly benefit the world given that the knowledge is used to its full potential. I look forward to bonding with you all during this trip and I hope we have an impact on Valmeyer, Illinois.


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