Rebecca Sickles – Summer 2015 (Guatemala)

Throughout this trip there have been many things I’ve had to learn such as how to mix cement manually. Some skills such as being able to work with others well became very important during this project as well. As a group we built three walls and two floors in a clinic. It was very difficult work but very rewarding. As a recently graduated student I’ve been working on my resume and this trip is something I know I am going to add. I was able to work with Spanish speaking people as well as a group of students ,whom many of, I had previously not met. It was great learning how to do construction work as well as learning better team work skills to make sure we were able to get the job done on time ,and we succeeded. This trip already shows good character by going to help others with nothing in it for ourselves. Some things that really stand out were how hard we had to work to build the cement floors and walls and how much each and everyone of us were willing to help each other with every task, every day. By day 3 we were really starting to feel it, but we never stopped or gave up or complained about having to do work. This shows good character, great work ethic and even better personal skills we have learned during this great experience.We worked so well as a group you’d have thought we’d known each other for years. I know this is something each and every one of us can use in the future when faced with a tough situation or when we need some inspiration in work and in our own lives.



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