Sierra Winey – Summer 2015 (Guatemala)

When we stepped off the plane the first thing I noticed was the bright teal colored terminal walls! It was a very cheery welcome to Guatemala. As we walked out of the airport there was tons of people gathered around the exits and that was a little surprising. Our shuttle driver pulled up and somehow managed to stack and tie down all 9 of our large suitcases on the top of his van-it was crazy because he was climbing all over the top of the van and hanging off the sides in order to get our stuff secured. As we started our drive to Antigua I immediately noticed the driving and traffic etiquette was quite different! Everyone drove very fast and was constantly starting and stopping. There was hardly any traffic lights, stop signs or posted speed limits. People on motorcycles drove with their entire family on the bike. Many had a toddler riding up front in the mans lap and the woman behind holding on to his waste with one arm and an infant in the other arm- and they were still weaving in and out of traffic! As we drove further out of Guatemala City we began to notice the beautiful mountains and kept trying to guess which ones were volcanos haha! When we finally stepped onto the streets of Antigua, the smell of fresh bread from the panaderia ( bakery) filled the air. I looked around and saw tons of beautiful flowers growing on the street corners and hanging off the rooftops and heard the melody of the local music coming from the restaurant down the street. Antigua is like a step back in time but I am so excited to be here and I am really looking forward to starting work on our construction project tomorrow!



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