Olivia Burns – Summer 2015 (Guatemala)

After landing in Guatemala I couldn’t get over how beautiful the mountains were in the distance and how they didn’t even compare to the hills of Tennessee! When walking out of the airport I felt like a celebrity, all the locals were standing behind a barrier watching us walk out. These two little girls about 10 years old walked through our group playing flutes trying to sell them to us. It was culture shock seeing children sell things to strangers. That would never happen in America. Our driver put all of our luggage on the roof and we took off to Antigua!! It was about an hour drive, but I hardly felt like it because I was so excited! The one thing that I was shocked about was the way that people drive here….which is well, CRAZY! It’s as if there aren’t even traffic laws or if there are then people just don’t abide by the law. The worst are the bus drivers and the motorcyclists. I saw motorcyclists carrying babies, their crutches, and plants while driving extremely fast and weaving throughout traffic. I was honestly appalled by the recklessness. Just simply driving on the road made me realize I was no longer in the U.S., but a third world country. The roads are not well taken care of- they are very old, uneven cobble stone which made for a very bumpy ride. Although I had this huge culture shock while arriving, I am SO EXCITED to experience this culture. I can’t wait for the opportunities to come with this trip.


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