Drew Large – Summer 2015 (Guatemala)

Today is May 16, 2015, it is Saturday. We arrived in the beautiful city of La Antigua, Guatemala at approximately 2:30 pm (Guatemalan Time) with our bags in hand. It was soon there after that we pulled up to our host family’s house anxious to explore. The rooms are nice, and the “living room” has a opening to see the nights sky as well as a water filter so that we will not get sick. It’s was beautiful to say the least. After settling in and a 9 hour travel time, we ventured out into the unknown Antiguan City for food. Our first obsticle, money. The banks were closed because of a political stand that was going on in the city square. Now with our stomach growing, we walked around the city with hast to find a location that would take American currency and convert it on the spot. We found that several stores would do this if asked, and even with our debit cards. Later that night, a group of about 7 of us decided the adventure shouldn’t stop seeing that it was only 6:30pm. So we grabbed our wallets and water bottles and began walking towards the town square, with no destination in mind. As we walked around the city, we saw a huge cathedral that had a market underneath. Here’s is we’re the biggest challenge was for me and still is, which is the language barrier. Most of the shop owners speak English, however it is just not very well.  Just trying find out how much something is and what the exchange rate is with out speaking Spanish is the biggest challenge. I guess you could say I am lost in translation. However I hurdled the challenge and am now the new owner of a Guatemalan Key Chain and a Bracelet.
–Drew Large


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