Jessica Boettner – Summer Pre Reflection 2015 (Guatemala)

Hello, it is Jessica with an update on how my preparation for Guatemala is going. Last week I researched the Guatemalan culture. Due to my passion for music, I concentrated on the popular music of Guatemala and the Guatemalan artists. Attached here (Guatemalan Culture) is a short PowerPoint that includes links to many of my favorite pieces and to the iTunes top 20 songs for Guatemala. I was pleasantly surprised that I am familiar with about half of the top 20. I cannot wait until I am in Guatemala experiencing the culture. I want to listen to the street music. The national instrument is the marimba which looks like a xylophone but has a more mellow sound. Also, I am in love with the traditional clothing because of the bright and crazy patterns. The language barrier scares me, but I am working on my Spanish.

Additionally, I recently received the required shots for my trip. The main one was the Typhoid shot which cost $82 because my insurance did not cover it. However, it is good for two years.


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