Dominik Shannon – Summer Pre Reflection 2015 (Guatemala)


That’s as much Spanish as you’ll get out of me; I’m quite relieved that Jasmin is coming along to Guatemala with us. Anyways, hello again everyone, I am Dominik and I’ll be the student leader for you all on this venture to Guatemala.  A little bit about myself: I am junior Biology major with a minor in Health Science and a concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy.  Some of the things I’m in involved in are the President’s Emerging Leaders Program, the Pre-Professional Health Society, and I currently serve as the president of Kappa Alpha Order.

I cannot explain how excited I am to go to Guatemala with you all.  This is actually my third Alternative Break trip, and I assure you that this will be an experience that will impact you for a lifetime.  I always took part in casual volunteering, but nothing trumps traveling a great distance to make an impact on a community that portrays a culture in which you haven’t adapted to. There is sense of deep empathy that you’ll experience, let alone the amount of friendships you’ll establish during this week long adventure. My goal on this trip is to share the feelings that I’ve developed in my past trips to you all, because these are things I will always cherish as I continue down my path as a person trying to learn as much as I can about this world.


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